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One of the most common questions this time of year involves financial aid or payments that you expected on your eBill that are not showing. See our Expected Aid or Payments Not Reflected on Bill for potential answers for why your financial aid, scholarship, college savings payment (529), waiver, third-party payments, or loans are not showing on your eBill.

Volume increases during this time of year for both online requests and phone calls, so wait times may vary.

Online Assistance

Beginning March 17, 2020, the WVU Hub lobby closed to walk-in traffic, but we are still able to assist you.

Online Request for Financial Aid, Student Accounts, or Work-Study

This is our email equivalent. Use the "Online Request" button above to submit an online request for topics related to financial aid, student accounts, or Federal Work-Study. For topics related to the Office of the University Registrar, click the button below.

University Registrar Information

See below for our office hours, phone number, fax number, and mailing addresses.