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Financial Wellness Interns

Introducing our Financial Wellness Intern Program!

College students often face a variety of complex financial decisions, and they can be stressful to navigate alone. Luckily, in October 2019, the WVU Hub launched a program that strives to make things a bit easier.

The WVU Hub Financial Wellness Intern Program provides students access to trained student staff who will help guide them through these decisions and answer questions about common financial concerns. Some of these common concerns include how to complete a FAFSA, budgeting for rent or a specific expense, managing loan debt student can accrue, and more!

Students can schedule a confidential 30-minute session with a Financial Wellness Intern on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the WVU Hub. During your appointment, your Financial Wellness Intern will offer guidance related to debt management, spending habits, financial aid questions, and assorted other topics that might be causing you added stress.

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Before they are qualified to meet with students, our Financial Wellness Intern receive 20 hours of training and 10 hours of shadowing in all department areas housed within the WVU Hub (including Financial Aid, Student Accounts, Registrar, Federal Work-Study Student Employment, and Debt Management). They also work closely with a group of full-time WVU Hub staff who can provide additional input or assistance to deliver the best possible service.

Topics financial wellness interns are trained to address:

Billing information

  • What is my balance that is due?
  • Why is there hold on my account?


  • What do I need to know about borrowing different types of loans?
  • How much have I taken out in loans thus far?

Budgeting and Spending

  • What information do I need to start a spending plan?
  • How can I spend less in my day-to-day life?

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • How do I fill out and submit a FAFSA?
  • Why is the FAFSA beneficial?

General Financial Aid Information

  • What kind of aid am I receiving?
  • Why am I not receiving the same amount of aid that I have in the past?

Loan Guidance

  • If I need to take out student loans, how can I make sure I borrow only what I need?
  • How do I know if I should accept all or part of my federal loan offers?


  • What will my monthly payment be when I start repaying my loans?
  • What are my repayment options?

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If you're interested in meeting with one of our highly trained, friendly, and knowledgeable Financial Wellness Interns, please follow the link below to schedule an appointment.

Request an appointment by submitting a ticket

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Contact Us

For more information about the program, or to address additional questions, comments or concerns, please submit an online request for assistance via the Current Student Inquiry Submission.

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